Learning to walk…again

Since David Grohl was at SXSW this year, I’m reminded… It’s really important to know your audience, know when to change and how to stay relevant. This is true for any business, and especially true for musicians. Since music is … Read More

Keith Richards. Start Me Up Reggae.

Creativity has a way of creating unexpected results. You can create what you set out to do, and you achieve the results you want. You can create what you set out to do, and don’t achieve the results you want. … Read More

5 Things Robert Plant Can Teach A Brand

I saw Robert Plant and Band of Joy in Chicago a few years ago, and it’s amazing how he re-invents himself year after year. Each direction he takes, tends to reveal a little bit more depth and a little bit … Read More

Apple 1984: Leading from behind

Just came across this video. It’s fun to see Jobs pull a floppy drive out of his pocket and start the presentation. Watch the screen stream type from right to left on the screen. This Macintosh was working out font … Read More

What’s in a name?

I’ve been tied to these guys since…forever. I had to buy this URL. It’s my name, and if I’m going to blog, then I just wanted to put it under a name I can live with everyday. I’ve had more … Read More