Beer gets a makeover

IMG_1220My local grocery store has become a graphic design paradise like never before. I’m convinced the 21st century will go down as the most graphic heavy century ever seen, until we turn the corner on the 22nd century. I can’t walk by the alcohol section without being amazed by well designed beer or hip wine labels. I’ve actually bought beer solely based on the design of the label — taste be dammed. Designs with intricate typography laced with unique colors and shapes or illustrations that look like they jumped off a MOMA wall. Every time I walk by I stop just to look at the beer. I don’t remember beer ever being so interesting, but then again we now live in the connection economy and these brands are built to be shared — designed for social media. See it, capture it share it, save it, pin it comment and move on. Looks like the main ingredient is sharing…then drinking.

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