Postcarders, Instagram style

photo12How can you not like 1950’s design? So much personality on every item, it just drips hip. Polaroid was easily the “instagram” of their day, over 60 years ago. I recently came across a package of Postcarders. Simple idea, using the Polaroid Land Camera;

1. Take a picture.

2. Let it develop and become an instant print in 60 seconds

PostcardAll3. Paste it into a Postcarder.

4. Write a message.

5. Mail to your friends.

Hey it’s not as immediate as Instagram, but it sure is the same idea. 60 years ago.

The concept is great, the packaging is cool and you gotta love the word “Jiffy” right on the front. Great mix of photo13typography — futura bold with a serif italic. And how can you not like the triangles on the back? Just put me in the 1950 way-back machine and I’m launched. Good stuff polaroid.

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