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Beer gets a makeover

My local grocery store has become a graphic design paradise like never before. I’m convinced the 21st century will go down as the most graphic heavy century ever seen, until we turn the corner on the 22nd century. I can’t … Read More

About that Boston album cover…

Paula Scher really doesn’t like it, doesn’t want to acknowledge it and doesn’t want to hear it… but she created one of the most iconic album covers of all time. Art intersects music with a dash of technology. So where … Read More

Postcarders, Instagram style

How can you not like 1950’s design? So much personality on every item, it just drips hip. Polaroid was easily the “instagram” of their day, over 60 years ago. I recently came across a package of Postcarders. Simple idea, using the Polaroid … Read More

2013 SXSW Newbie’s Notes

Since 2013 SXSW is in the books, and I’ve sorted my notes on many sessions, let me start with advice for the next newbie class of interactive attendees in 2014. Lesson #1. No one in Austin calls it South by … Read More

Apple meets the Claw

My 7 yr old son is obsessed with the “claw” arcade game. He really believes he’s going to win the stuffed animal, the ball, or yes the iPod Nano. Recently, while I watched him try again at an arcade in … Read More